Book: The First

Updated Aug 14/2011

     Chapter One  i  / ii
     Chapter Two  i / ii
     Chapter Three  i / ii / iii
     Chapter Four  i / ii
     Chapter Five  i / ii
     Chapter Six  i
     Chapter Seven  i / ii
     Chapter Eight  i
     Chapter Nine  i
     Chapter Ten  i
     Chapter Eleven  i
     Chapter Twelve  i / ii
     Chapter Thirteen  i / ii
     Chapter Fourteen  i
     Chapter Fifteen  i / ii
     Chapter Sixteen  i
     Chapter Seventeen  i / ii / iii / iv / v / vi / vii

     Chapter One  i  /  ii
(Note that there is some existing disconitunuity in chapter order.  Currently the following chapters should not be read in numerical order.  Rather, following Chapter One: Chapter Three i, Chapter Four i, Chapter Two i / ii then return to numerical order at  Chapter Five i.)
     Chapter Two  i  /  ii
     Chapter Three  i
     Chapter Four  i
(Numerical order resumes below.)
     Chapter Five  i  /  ii 
     Chapter Six  i  /  ii  /  iii
     Chapter Seven  i
     Chapter Eight  i
     Chapter Nine  i
     Chapter Ten  i  /  ii
     Chapter Eleven  i
     Chapter Twelve  i 
     Chapter Thirteen  i
     Chapter Fourteen  i
     Chapter Fifteen  i  /  ii
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