Book: The First - Part: One - Chapter: 17 - Installment: iv

As the goblet was passed from Adjutant to Adjutant, Sarah stepped over where the goat’s blood had poured onto the floor. Most of it had seeped between the loose floorboards, and only a slippery patina remained. She took the goat by its bound pair of fore-legs and used them as leverage as she rolled it off the daybed onto the floor. As it hit with a resounding ‘whump!’ Ruthven turned to her, confused. This was not part of the planned ceremony. Sarah stepped behind him and pulled the cloak from his shoulders.
“What are you doing?” He hissed a whisper at her.
“Adding the cherry to the cake.” Sarah smiled slyly as she spread the thick cape out over the daybed.
Stepping back from the bed, so everyone could see her she reached up to the neck of her dark dress and pulled at the laced ties.
“To complete the circle of renewal. The High Priest will take the vestal virgin.”
She let her dress fall to the floor, and she stood naked before them all.
I thought I was living wild before.
Ruthven looked at her. Her skinny body for once was her ally. Her seeming pre-pubescent form added weight to her declaration of virginal status. The tables had turned. Not back to Hathandra, but upon Ruthven. Sarah was now calling his bluff. If he wanted to get through the ceremony with his status intact, he had no choice but to make love to her right there.
Live sex. The assembled ‘vampires’ in the room were shaken. Quiet mutterings of excitement fluttered back and forth between them. A sacrifice had challenged many of them. The ritual de-flowering they now faced brought the remaining stalwarts to the surface of their assumed identities. They had quit being in character ‘vampires’ and become mere students waiting to see if any amongst them would allow their regression to their mundane realities to show at surface level. Sarah, for herself, knew she was committed. She had to be now that she had literally and figuratively put herself out there in front of them all. She had an advantage though, she was not pretending to be someone she was not. For her, this was real. She was really offering herself to the orchestrator of the ritual, for all to witness. She was already well into the deep end.
She stepped to Ruthven and forced him to act. She began unbuttoning his shirt, imagining in her head that it was in some way ritualistic, hoping the intention would translate to those watching. Ruthven looked her in the face. Sarah could see that she had shaken him. He was not prepared for this – how could he have been? She had not suggested it to him, though it had occurred to her. She was now thankful for that. She was getting the feeling that if she had that he would have nixed it, and with that intention of his in mind she would not have had the courage to proceed even this far. Now he couldn’t afford to say ‘no’ and neither could she.
Hesitatingly he pulled off his shirt, while she pulled down his pants – there was no way of getting them past the Kothernai, but for all practical purposes he too was now bare before them. Clearly, no matter how taken off-guard or uncertain he was, he was excited by the promise of what was now presented to him. As she stood she gave his member a teasing stroke, as if to greet it, the first – quite possibly the only – one she would ever have. It was inherently beautiful to her. She had no basis for comparison, so she decided for herself that it was big. Not too big. But big. Perfect for pleasuring her.
She stood on her toes and whispered in his ear.
“Just do it. We’ll ‘make love’ later.”
She lay back on the cloak.
“I give myself willingly through you to the dark power of Anpu.”
Perhaps ‘dark power’ was a bit much.
She closed her eyes and waited.
She heard the awkward clunk of Ruthven shuffling forward in his tall boots, hobbled by the pants stuck at his ankles. She felt his weight press into the mattress around her, his legs brushing up hers. She had thought she was too shy to do this. She had thought she had wanted her first experience to be gentle and intimate, but right now all she wanted was to feel his cock slide between the moist lips of her virgin cunt. She wanted to be taken – hard. She pulled his hips towards hers, felt his chest press down upon hers as his mouth brushed past her cheek.
“We’re going to need a condom.”
Had it been a matter of good form, she imagined she would have cast the need aside. She was ready to take the risk of pregnancy or the slight chance of contracting an STD from him, but there was no doubt of her status. She was a clear and positive lethal risk to him. She had already stopped him once, and there was no way she would let him risk himself… not that he seemed as if he was eager to. There were condoms here in the house, but this was going to be awkward.
Okay, where is my backpack? Her mind raced.
Her fleeting concentration was broken almost immediately when with the sound of splitting wood, the daybed lurched. Her first thought was that the leg they had repaired had given way under their combined weight, but that was soon dispelled when a second crack followed the first, answered by a collective gasp of surprise by all others in the room.
Sarah opened her eyes and turned her head as the daybed seemed to leap to the side of its own volition. Ruthven, looking down past the edge of the mattress, pulled himself up off of her.
“Holy shit.” He murmured under his breath.
The floorboards snapped apart as Hathandra blurted, now completely breaking character, “Wow!”

     Installment V

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