AUTHOR'S NOTE: My Pledge to You

Before we move into Part Two, I have a few promises to make...

No sparkly vampires.

No werewolves, psychics, witches, or demons. This is about vampires, not vampires and their super-natural buddies.

While there will be love, there won't be any sap. (Sorry, if that's the kind of vampire novel you like - this defiantly isn't it.)

No magic. Sort of... Obviously vampires aren't science, but in my world there is no magic, there is only science. Also, while I am not a dualist, the details of this tale necessitate the existence of a soul or at least the possibility of one - more on that within later chapters. In any case everything in this world should adhere to a consistent internal logic that doesn't rely heavily on magic.

Wherever possible I will evade cliches of the genre. There will of course be exceptions. There are tropes of the genre which simply have to be present or this wouldn't be recognizable as a vampire tale.

And while we're on the subject of tropes... any writer who delves into this genre has to answer a number of questions for themselves, most of which can be summed up with the larger question "which of the accepted canon of vampire qualities are relevant in this world?" By now I have answered most of these questions for myself. I'm not going to get into the details here as it would involve some spoiling, but over the course of the three books I will acknowledge virtually any and all of the accepted options in one fashion or another. Either they are functional parts of my vampire universe; they are myths that have developed from a related functional part of my universe; or they are something that make my vampires laugh in disdane at... sparkly vampires, I am looking at you.

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