Book: The First - Part: One - Chapter: 13 - Installment: ii

        He had become so accustomed to the ever present guard that the big man had virtually become invisible to Simon. The last time he even abstractly recalled his escort being there had been at the old butcher’s shop – the ritual. He had been led to the room where his fellow recruits had met their fate… the next thing he recalled he awoke in a bed in an hospital he did not know existed – probably didn’t exist… or at the very least an obscure clinic, the wing of which did not exist.
        He was growing accustomed to the complex and clandestine organization of the Lazarus. Many different facilities scattered throughout the region. Each functional and each aligned with a front of some sort. Some were legitimate operating companies. Others were buildings perpetually available for alleged lease, he assumed by a property manager that was part of the Lazarus Group’s holdings.
It hadn’t even occurred to him to test the length of his leash. He had spent the last few days on the farm where the lion’s share of his preliminary training had occurred. He had taken the tunnels from building to building, but had not taken one step outside. He had come habituated during his pre-ritual indoctrination to not even consider trying.
I wonder if they’ll stop me now?
The lock audibly disengaged with an automatic click as he approached. He gave a friendly wave to the security camera though he had no idea who watched from the other side, he just knew that before the transformation the door only clicked when he was chaperoned by an established representative of the Lazarus.
He stepped across the threshold and was outside.
Even with cloud cover, the daylight was bright. Far brighter than the muted glow that lit the entirety of the interior of the farm. He had got used to the dim light and he’d been down there for days. It was no wonder he was sensitive. In fact, it was beyond irritating. Painful.
He’d have to find some sunglasses at his first opportunity, but first he’d have to figure out how to find his way into town.
He wasn’t even sure where exactly he was. Somewhere up the valley, hopefully still within the regional transit system, otherwise the undoubtedly long walk he had ahead of him would be even worse.

Chapter 14

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