NEWS: Fixes, Updates and Help

Just a quick note to the few of you who are reading along as I go.

First up, just this morning I updated the page where I am amalgamating all links to the existing chapters of Book: the First.  This should make it easier for people - yourself and people who you might recommend Necropolis to - to 'catch up' and generally navigate where they are in the story.
I've also tweaked the archive list for the same purpose - almost to the point of making the Page version redundant.  I shall continue to keep adding links to the bottom of each post to the next chapter (or installment of the ongoing chapter) as they become available so as to make it easier to read continuously.
If anyone has any suggestions as to how I might make it easier still to read, please let me know in the appropriate comments section.  (Note that I won't be putting together a PDF version until I have completed at least the entire first part, possibly as much as the whole of Book: the First.

As I was going through I noticed a number of formatting errors that need addressing.  I fixed some of them, but others seem to be rather pernicious and resistant to being changed by the formatting tools in Blogger.  Which means I need to address them in the HTML.  I am far too close to being illiterate in HTML.  I can solve this by learning about it - I'm pretty good at the self-tutelage... but it is going to take quite some time before I get around to it.
Alternatively, if there is someone willing to look at the issues with Chapters 6,7,10 and 11. Let's talk.  I could let you get into the HTML and just fix the issues for me, but in the spirit of "teach a man to fish" if you can look at the issues and tell me what to go and looks for and what the likely solutions would be, then I shall walk away all the more powerful will be better able to 'fish for myself' in the future.  If you do decide to take this on, I can direct you more specifically to the formatting issues - some are not quite as obvious as others.

Lastly, if you do use the Book: the First page mentioned at the top of this post, you'll notice that I have blank chapters placeholders for all the way to chapter 17. Yes. Chapter 17. I have finished Part One. There are seventeen chapters. I figure that at my current rate of posting that should last until mid-April.  Yes, I could post them all at once and "catch up."  But then I would be in danger of having a big gap in posting.  I Between Christmas and last week I had a bit of a dry-spell.  In part I had to untangle a BIG logical error in what I had written, but also in part I simply had a bit of a string of writer's block.  Even when you have a fairly robust idea of where you are going, writer's block can come and nip you on the ass.  Anyhow, I am into Part Two now and I've solved my narrative issues (for the moment) and am excited to keep the momentum that I've restablished going.  I still have a lot to discover in this story and the section I am currently in is one of the sections where I have the most left to fill in.  Hence my narrative logic problems and my concern that I need a buffer should that happen again.

Thanks greatly to those of you who are reading - I know you are there, I see it in the stats.  Keep it up!  I promise I'll keep posting until the story is complete. 

One of the biggest plot turns in the entire series is coming at the end of Part One.  If  you can do one thing for me today, try and think of one friend who would appreciate what you have read so far.  It could be some one who loves science-fiction/horror (I think of this as more the former than the latter), or who is curious about the new directions publishing is taking, and direct them to either the first chapter of Necropolis or the RSS feed - you DO use the RSS feed, don't you?  (Some of you are.)

The first part of Chapter 12 will be posted tomorrow.

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