Book: The First - Part: One - Chapter: 12 - Installment: ii

When Edmond hollered Tanya Meyers was virtually already on him so it was an equal surprise when she stopped eye-on to his S&W. She stared at his hands, the left firmly wrapped around the stock, the other awkwardly lending support as it also carried the evidence bag that in his rush Edmond had never bothered to pocket or drop.
Shale spoke up behind her, letting her know she was outnumbered and he had the drop on her.
“Step away from Lieutenant Edmond Mrs. Meyers.”
Tanya Meyers turned at the sound of Shale’s voice. Snapped her head around and leapt in one motion. Before either officer could react she was past the muzzle of Shale’s 9mm and bowling him into the hallway.
Carly shrieked in the on-suite as Edmond ran for the bedroom door. Tanya and Shale were in the hallway. His gun had been knocked out of his grip and he was ineffectually beating at her with his hands. He easily outweighed her and had an easy reach advantage, but sprawled out in the narrow hall with her crazed flailing it seemed that all his physical advantage was at waste.
Shale tried to scramble backwards away from the harpy as she gnashed at him with her teeth and was having some success until he hit the stairs. He planted an arm firmly in mid-air where he expected more floor and over balanced himself, tumbling away from his attacker down the six steps to the next level.
Edmond rushed to grab Tanya Meyers’ arms behind her, but fell short as she leapt the entire flight of stairs and landed hands first like a cat, or feral monkey, on Shale, knocking the wind out of him. Before her feet had landed, Tanya Meyers sunk her teeth into Shale’s neck, cutting deeply.
At the sight of Shale’s blood Scott Edmond’s world moved into slow motion.
This is it. He thought. I’ve never pulled the trigger on another person. But she’s unstoppable. She’s injured Shale. Never thought the first time would be a house-wife.
He aimed in the direction of the pair of them.
“Get away from him or I shoot.” He heard himself say as if he were watching it all on television.
He wasn’t surprised by now when there was no reaction from Tanya. He took aim. Her legs were well clear of any of Shale’s vitals. And squeezed the trigger.
The impact of the bullet from a few mere feet pulled her half off of Shale. She paused a moment as if confused by the sudden realignment of her body, and then seemingly oblivious of the bullet she lunged back at Shale.
Oblivious as she seemed to being shot, she was slowed by the injury. Where her previous moves had been uncannily swift, her motion was no longer superior to Edmond’s reaction. He fired three more times and her filthy body slid to the floor between Shale and the wall.
Holy Christ. I just killed someone. I killed her. Tanya Meyers. A house wife. A mother.
Scott…” Shale was bleeding. Badly.
“I’ll be right back, partner.”
Holstering his gun, Edmond took three quick steps back down the hall and met Carly Meyers in the doorway of the master bedroom. He scooped her up in his arms and planted her on the bed.
“Carly. You need to stay right here.”
God. I just shot her mother to death. I could be a little less abrupt. She’s Janne’s age, she’s got no way of understanding this. Christ, I don’t understand it.
He ran into the bathroom. There were towels hanging from the shower rail. He could clearly see dots of blood.
Everything in this house could be infected. Hell, I could have whatever it is already.
He threw open a bi-fold door and found more towels. They had to be the cleanest thing he could find in short order.
Closing the bathroom door. He stopped again in the bedroom for a moment. He didn’t want Carly to see her Mother in the state she was in. He didn’t want to see Carly’s Mother in the state she was in, but he didn’t have the option. He wished he could take the nightmare sight of her dead brother away from her.
“Carly. I’m going to close the door. I should only be a few minutes, but no matter how long it takes you need to stay here until I come back and get you. I may not have a real police man’s uniform, but you still need to do what I say, okay?”
The little girl nodded her head.
“Good girl.”
As he returned down the hall he traded the evidence bag still in his hand for his cell phone and called for assistance.

Chapter 13

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