Book: The First - Part: One - Chapter: 5 - Installment: i

“Just like before the cutbacks.” Offered Detective Shale.
“You mean being paired up?” Asked Edmond.
“Yeah. Like having a partner.”
“A bit.”
The medic alert bracelet had been traced. It had matched a missing person’s report. Detective Shale was the officer assigned. Edmond brought the detail to Shale’s attention. It wasn’t incontrovertible evidence of death, and a DNA match due to the state of the corpse… the report on that had boggled Scott’s mind. He didn’t know what to make of it.
But the family would need to be notified of the development as a matter of course in Edmond’s developing investigation. It was simply good form for Shale to be on hand.
Jeremy Meyers had been missing for nearly a week before the attack on Moira Chan. He had been a perfectly un-remarkable paralegal for a small law-firm on the North Shore.
“So what do we know about Meyers?” asked Edmond.
“His wife was taking him to the hospital and he bolted from the car with no explanation.”
“He’d been sick. Doctors thought it was just your basic run of the mill Flu, but he’d got worse and fast. Apparently he was barely cogent. Before he bolted from the car he started spewing gibberish and then ran off into the night. Didn’t even wait for the car to stop.”
“Any interim leads?”
“Nothing of any real value. We talked to some colleagues and friends hoping he might have gone somewhere familiar. And we organized a sweep, but nothing came up until he showed up attempting to rape Miss Chan.”
“I don’t know that it was rape.”
“So, I’m jumping to conclusions. Assault of some vein.”
They sat in silence for a few blocks before Shale spoke up again.
“So, how does this relate for you?”
“I wish I could say.”
“What’s the reason for the secret?”
“No secret. Not on my part. It’s just the weirdest DFO I’ve ever seen. Thought it was a junkie at first, but… well, a week just isn’t enough for that kind of descent.”
“Not really.”
“And then there’s the DB.” Lieutenant Edmond told his faux partner Moira Chan’s story about killing her attacker with a rock and how certain he had been that she was mistaken due to the degenerated nature of the corpse. Then he filled in with the coroner’s report.
“From what I understand, by the time the body was ready to be bagged they had to do it with a wet-vac, took a lot of dirt with it and brought in the Hazmats for good measure.”
“Practically dissolved. When they took him downstairs it was about an hour before they realized that the liquid that was left was evaporating at an accelerated rate.”
“Acid of some kind?”
“Perhaps. But it wasn’t damaging anything else. There was moss mixed in with the dirt that was completely unharmed.”
“Not a word of lie.”
“Don’t ask again.”
“That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.”
“Yup.” Edmond practically inhaled the word.

Installment ii

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