Book: The First - Part: One - Chapter: 7 - Installment: ii

They found an empty diner on Hastings. No doubt that as the night wore on the bar-rush would justify these slow hours.
“What do you want, Bev?”
“Ah. Which means you want something, but you aren’t going to tell me.”
“This doesn’t have to be adversarial.”
“It doesn’t have to be circumspect, either.”
“Fair enough.”
“So, what do you want?”
“I’m a reporter, Scott. I need every connection I can make. I figure as a cop you’re in the same position.”
“I’ve made plenty of contacts in the past fifteen years, thanks.”
“Seems to me that you tossed the first five years worth to the wind, and the decade since you’ve been limping back to where you started and burning bridges along the way.”
“Thanks for the peer support.”
“Am I wrong?”
“It’s not the same as being right.”
“But developing a symbiotic relationship could be of value.”
“This is a cynical approach, isn’t it?”
“If it was cynical, I’d have called it a parasitic relationship.”
“And who exactly is the parasite, Bev?” It wasn’t really a question. His sarcasm was unmistakable. “Who’s doing the feeding?
“Oh, the reporter of course.” She smiled.
Scott's defence slipped as he laughed at Bev's self-effation.
“There we go.” She said. “Animosity cast aside. Now we can get to work on trust.”
“Don’t get ahead of yourself.”
“Okay, look Scott. Yes. This is a cynical approach. But it’s not like I’m trying to buddy up to you gradually for the same end. I’m putting it right here on the table. We can help each other. It is symbiotic. Yes, chances are I’ll get more out of it than you. That’s the way it works when our businesses meet in the middle. But when you do need me, I’ll be invaluable.”
“And when you screw me over, it’s okay ‘cause it’s all ‘right here on the table.’ I can’t complain, because we – you - were up front about it from the start.”
“Have I done anything to make you think I’d screw you over?”
“I’ve seen your work. You make people really uncomfortable. I don’t know that being your friend would do me any favours in the Department.”
“I never said anything about being friends. I just mean straight-up mutual assistance.”
“For however long I remain useful.”
“You’ve seen my work. If I screw you over, you’ve got it coming. Do you have it coming, Scott?”
“Some days.”
“Then maybe some day you’ll outlive your usefulness. And maybe by then we’ll have developed a friendship, and I won’t screw you over.” She let that sit for a moment before going on. “We’ve got something in common. Those meetings. Those meetings saved my life and you could even argue that they made me who I am. I take that confidence very seriously. Look, if something comes up. Something sensitive. You tell it to me in there, it’s sacred. Like confession.”
“So, there’s nothing else. You aren’t digging for a lead?”
“No. But some day I will, and I don’t want to have to break down this wall then. Look, I don’t need you to give me an answer now – or ever really. If I need information, I’ll be coming for you whether you say ‘yes,’ ‘no’ or nothing now. I’m just hoping that you’ll see that we can help each other. We really can.”
“I know.”
“So, yes?”
“Not ‘yes.’”
“But not ‘no.’”
“Like it would make a difference.”
“Yeah. Think about it, okay? I’m going to make this my home meeting for awhile. If you want to trade numbers, you’ll find me here.”
“And if I don’t?”
“I’m good at finding people if I need them.”
Scott sat and looked at her. He was good at reading people. It came with the territory. He saw nothing that hinted at dissembling. 
Doesn’t mean I can trust her – we’ve been clear about that. But she isn’t lying.
“We’ll see.” He said.
He got up and left a two-dollar coin for his coffee.
“See you.” She said, clearly not satisfied with his lack of an answer.
As he reached the door a thought occurred to him. He stopped and turned back for one more question.
“Just how good are you at finding people?”

Chapter 8

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