By now we have arrived at the point where plot threads are being revisited. For a while there it probably seemed as though every chapter was going to have a new main character. Believe me we have hardly begun introducing characters, but the primary work is done.

Hopefully, by now you have decided that you relate to someone in the book and that you will continue to read just to see what happens. Though things have only just barely begun to happen.

From time to time as I continue along on this project I will make a special request of you, as I am today. Today's request is most simple and rather general, but later ones will be more specific and I'll even provide some basic 'how to' direction for those who need it.  But today it's a cinch...

All I am asking at the moment is that if you are enjoying Necropolis, take a moment to tell someone else. Perhaps you know someone whose reading preferences clearly match Necropolis... Just let them know.  Send them the link to the first chapter, and tell them you think they'd enjoy it.

If you are feeling more ambitious, then Facebook, Tweet, Stumble Upon, Digg, Reddit, Blog, Tumblr, NetworkBlog it - or post on a forum you know of where people who you think might enjoy Necropolis participate.

I'll post again at a later date getting more specific on how best to do some of these things, but for now it's up to you how you spread the love.


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