Book: The First - Part: One - Chapter: 17 - Installment: i

Tonight was the big night. Big – Ruthven’s ritual. Big – tonight Sarah was prepared to give herself to him. She had made all the preparations for the gathering, and she made sure that Ruthven had what he needed in order to be safe inside her.
She was excited about the sex. Nervous too. She was self-conscious about being a virgin at her age, but Ruthven had disarmed most of her fears. He had been wonderful. She was certain that when she told him about her illness that that would be the end. She expected him to break up with her. But he hadn’t.
He took the revelation better than she could have imagined. He lay with her and held her that night. He cried. It seemed a bit much – she wasn’t asking for anyone to feel sorry for her – but a boy crying over her… even if it was a bit put on, it was more than she had ever expected. They talked about safe sex options and how to proceed and they agreed that tonight, after the gathering, they would celebrate by having sex together for the first time. Sarah’s first time ever.
She was also nervous and excited about the ritual. She had never been to one, she had no idea how it should play out. Ruthven assured her that there was nothing to be worried about. She had researched most of the detail, he created the format.
“It’s whatever we want it to be. That’s the beauty of it. Essentially it’s theatre. We put on a show. If you went to a show at the Queen E. or the Arts Club, the writer and director determine what will happen and what kind of show it will be. The audience doesn’t make those choices.”
“Yeah, but the audience chooses whether to applaud or not when it’s over.”
“You don’t have to worry about a bad review. I’m the one who could be raised to elder.”
“I don’t want to let you down.”
“Stop worrying, Buff. You’ve found great stuff. It’ll be great.”
She had found ‘great stuff.’ The big coup had been the discovery that Saturday was the anniversary of the opening of King Tut’s tomb. The opening of the tomb also marked, of course, the release of King Tut’s Curse. Sarah had long since found that haematophage culture had a concomitant fascination with Egyptian mythology.  Specifically Anpu – or Anubis in the common term. Sarah hadn’t quite fathomed the connection yet, but she knew she would figure it out eventually with Ruthven’s guidance. Apnu was the god of death, or more accurately, mummification – he shared the duty of being the god of death with Osiris. Certainly in horror films of ‘golden age’ cinema, vampires and mummies shared a common place in the hierarchy of the undead, but as far as she could tell this was where the commonality ended. In any case, it was a good place to start.
Ruthven had found an abandoned home that could not have been more scary or appropriate. It had been some sort of heritage museum after the Second World War. It’s faux continental European design simultaneously put it out of place and made it creepier. But had been poorly maintained, and hadn’t actually qualified as a proper heritage building, so it had fallen into disrepair. A recent sweep had cleared squatters, and with a little bit of ‘creative lock-smithing,’ they had full access. She and Ruthven had spent the entire day preparing for the evening’s event.

     Installment ii

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