AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is harder than it looks

     I was doing so well!
     I can't promise that I'm going to do much better than I am now for a while, but rest assured, this is not over.
     Perhaps I should loan this a bit more context...
     So, blah, blah, still learning how to be an effective part-time stay at home Dad... but I do think that in the past few weeks I've truly started to find my feet, so to speak.  Still amazed at the sheer amount of time my regular pay-cheque job is sucking out of my life between hours worked and commuting time.  Oh my god, the commuting time!  But I've managed to unload one shift at the regularish job and replaced it with a one-day-a-week video-editing contract which begins to bleed some flexibility, sanity and breathing space into my schedule.  (And as I can do it from home, the commute is about 18 paces.)
     So there is hope.  I am gettting writing done slowly but surely.  I've actually had a chapter finished for over a week now (will be posting it after this note), it has simply been difficult to find a time to get around to posting it.  My various other creative projects (most of which align more directly with what I consider to be my vocation) all get priority when I have windows of time to work.  The number of opportunities I have to dedicate to Necropolis has severely diminished. 
     But last week Jodie kicked me in the pants... figuratively.  With all the hammering my schedule has taken in the past six months or so, the one thing I've made a point of not allowing to slip is my time for her and I.  For the most part that has meant that we spent some time virtually every evening watching the shows we love the most.  Really, that's just a few TV shows.  Dexter, and Being Erica* are the perennial favourites, with Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother bering close seconds.  We've given up on nearly everything we've started watching new this season.  Up All Night (which could not possibly be aimed more directly at us as a demographic) and Pan-Am are both hanging on by their ragged nails to our viewing schedule.  ....I am getting WAY off topic.
     Anyhow...  Jodie said last week that really we should be able to do all our TV watching in two nights, still have one night a week for movie night, one night for whatever comes up - including, god forbid, going out and having a life - and then I could use a few hours three nights a week for working on my myriad projects.
     And that is where I am at now.  This is my third night for working on projects.  I used the first two for reviewing footage for a documentary I am working on (more details on that when it becomes relevant) and tonight I am first doing Necropolis catch-up, then getting my bearings on at least one of the screenplays I've got mouldering in my brain.

     My intention is that I'll still be able to give at least half of one night a week to Necropolis, maybe more.  Which should mean that I can get a few posts a month out.  That is nowhere near the pace I need to keep up if I am ever going to finish this tale before I'm collecting my pension (I am exaggerating,) but at least I'll be moving forward.... and maybe I can actually find a way to make better time than that.

     Only time will tell.

*For non-Canadians, I highly recommend that you go out of your way to see this show.  It is frikking awesome.  Yeah it kind of sounds a little girly and it took a bit of work to get me to try it on for size, but it only took one episode once I tried it.  I'm not going to spoil it at all.  Just see it.  The show is really easy to see in Canada as it's a CBC created show, but it has done really well in other markets, so it ought not be that hard to track down.  There are both British and American versions in the making (which, frankly is a bit insulting), but you ought to be able to find the real deal easy enough, and it is in the same language for both Brits and Yanks.  Oh and... the lead is played by a girl I went to theatre school with... though I was in fourth year when she was in first year and I admit I don't actually remember her from then - but she is fantastic.

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Andy said...

Just wondering how you're doing with this. I'm looking forward to more of this.

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