NEWS: The Beast of Bottomless Lake

I previously mentioned that I have been very busy over the past few months.  Mostly I’ve been occupied by finishing the DVDs of the feature film I co-produced.  ...oh yeah... did I mention that?
I probably did, but let’s assume this is the first you’ve heard of it.
So yeah, I made a movie.  I’m multi-talented.  And not just some kind of student/practice/vanity/hack film, which for so many people seems to be the assumption.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say “oh wow, that was a real movie” or similar sentiment.  Yep this is an honest-to-god professionally produced feature film.  Not all my creative endeavours are DIY endeavours like Necropolis.

The Beast of Bottomless Lake if I do say so myself, surpasses the constraints of its budget. We sold the film to SuperChannel and is available on DVD worldwide by order from our website.  Finalizing those deals was an enormous undertaking and it impinged anywhere from profoundly to completely upon my writing (depending on which week you put under the microscope) – which is to say nothing about the ongoing climb up the learning curve of being a new parent, or the distraction of the Vancouver Canucks’ ascent to the Stanley Cup.  In any case it took a lot of attention away from Necropolis.  Fortunately a lot was “in the can” while I lost more and more ground.  But recently I’ve been gradually easing back into it, so all is good.
But I am here to plug the film.

Don’t let the name fool you. The Beast of Bottomless Lake is not a horror film. It’s not even much of a creature-feature (though it wouldn’t be inappropriate to classify it as such). It is, in fact, a comedy.  If you go and look for bad reviews on line (and I freely admit they exist – though they are well outweighed by positive reviews – and many of those are characterized by a similar pleasant surprise to those who have declared it a “real movie”) you will find that they are fairly consistently posted by people who state that they are disgruntled by the fact that the film is not a horror.  So, mea culpa, the name is a bit misleading.   But that was never intentional. I am even going out of my way to steer you clear of that notion.  The Beast of Bottomless Lake is emphatically NOT a horror.  It is a comedy.  You should be  laughing at the antics of the characters and their circumstances, not at the quality (or lack thereof) the make-up and effects. Comedy.
If you are a Stargate fan, our lead actor is David Nykl – Dr. Zelenka from Stargate:Atlantis – and several other faces from the franchise make appearances in Beast...

The DVD is full of extras – a bunch of deleted scenes; two commentaries (one with the director, Craig March, and myself  and a second with David Nykl hosting our science advisor Stan Orchard and the editor of Jr. Skeptic Magazine, Daniel Loxton) there are also three behind the scenes featurettes and a link to additional on-line footage.
So by now, the question arises... what are you waiting for?  Get on over to our web page and order a copy now.

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